Section IX Championships
On-Line Meet Entries

Entries for Section 9 Championships are handled by On-Line data entry through this web site.

Entry Due Date: Monday Feb 17th, 7:00 PM
Email Verification Due: Tuesday Feb 18th, 7:00 PM

Please read carefully:
  • The process for entering entries is similar to the entering of meet results.
  • Each coach is responsible for entering their entries into the database before the due date specified above.
  • Relay times default to the best time accomplished by the team during the season.
  • PLEASE Specify relay names if possible, they may be changed during the meet
  • You must hit the 'Entry Validation' button to call-up fastest times for individual events.
  • 'Entry Validation' also checks for entry limitations.
  • Once entries are validated, and the 'Status' line states 'Ok', you can 'Submit' the entries (bottom of screen).
  • Coaches may modify their entries up to the entry due date specified above.
  • Swimmers with no time will be entered with 'NT' - which is not allowable for this meet.
  • No modifications will be accepted after the due date stated above.
  • Entries for this meet are based on Time Standards. Invalid entries will be removed during import.
  • All entries are private and can only be seen by the coach entering them.
Basic Steps:
  1. Login
  2. Click 'Create Meet Entry'
  3. Select 'Section IX Championships' and Click 'Submit'
  4. Specify the athletes for each event
  5. Click 'Validate Entries' to load the times for the athletes
  6. Correct any 'Status' messages related to entry limitations
  7. Click 'Submit' to save the entries

Meet Entry

If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties: Call John Coombs 845-913-6570

Entries are not subject to Qualifying Standards and ineligible times will not be brought into Meet Manager.

Special Note: US Swimming Observed Swims
This meet will be observed by US Swimming as an official meet.
US Swimming requires the USS# to be present for each swimmer in MeetManager prior
to the start of the meet. For this to work properly, the coaches must enter
the USS# into the on-line roster for the information to be properly handled.
Therefore, any athletes to be observed must have their USS# in the on-line
database prior to any meet entry.

See: USS# tutorial for instructions